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since capitalism fully occupied Christmas and businesses every year to grow a surprise with the same group elements, actually a test effort, especially much attention brands such as Nike, have to bear the pressure especially big, but Nike's holiday season, pack barely missed. Christmas in 2015, Nike the air max 90 and Blazer Mid when a Christmas tree like, and imitation on the candy cane of red and white between the swoosh, gold layout, red gift ribbon lace is the vast imagination. Air Tech challenge III QS and Tennis Classic ultra QS less hardcore, woven weave in and out of the so-called "grandma sweater" red and green Christmas crack, low-key feast. source: HYPEBEASTInstigator French "Blue Jordan" is currently one of the latest Brand Jordan casual shoes series. Overwhelmed, once again showing a new color, whole shoe money to create a "French Blue" and patent leather binding suede perfect presentation of the shoe body, followed by appear to prismatic cone shape, is quite special, this section will be available for sale, interested may wish to pay more attention. when the identification of hot line of guest shoes, to support Ma fight against fakes!! Immediately search Apple App store to download and install the artifact APP-- artifact when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", micro-blog search "when the guest"!! source: IchibaVNTG EM and Air Max 90 material may be a highlight of 2013, this time we see a pretty pink color and fresh Nike Air Max 90 EM new, this shoe body with white EM material as base material, collocation lace holes g cheap air jordans ray lining, leather and black Swoosh and fender a decorative embellishment, fresh pink color collocation laser shoes lace holes and ankle heel AIR MAX tag and the spread of laser pink base. The AIR MAX window air cushion is unusual and dazzling dazzling. This section is scheduled for sale in 2013, like friends can pay attention to. 2012-10-16 09:07 upload and download attachments (138.84 KB) 2012-10-16 09:07 upload download attachment (146.43, KB) 2012-10-16 09:07 upload download attachment (143.75, KB) 2012-10-16 09:07 upload download attachment (118.71, KB) 2012-10-16 09:07 upload download attachment (133.68, KB) James as the latest signature Nike LeBron 13 boots in October 10th will be officially on sale the first color, the shoes are changed in appearance and hardware configuration, let a person very look forward to their combat performance ~ yo Reebok Wall 3 variety of colors now available 2013-12-08 22:38:04 most recent news about Reebok classic shoes with engraved or 2013 of the new exposure-based, but we will not forget Reebok's now The only one still update their signature shoe players --John Wall. Recently, the third generation of personal signature shoes Reebok Wall 3 has quietly shelves. This time the first appearance contains three color, respectively, red / navy blue color and another two pairs Wizards black / red, black / gray / white color, I believe that soon China's shoe fans of this shoe can also be bought in the store a.After many twists and turns, the Nike Zoom Kobe 9 Elite "Christmas" has been finalized air jordan 11 space jam for sale and released its commercial information. The overall style of the shoes is red and white, and the outsole is painted with camouflage patterns. The black Swoosh and Kobe Logo do the detail decoration. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in December 26th, but according to rumors, domestic stores may be ahead of shelves sales, the shoes are interested in friends, may wish to continue to pay attention to it.Jordan Brand for Westbrook to build the first pair of signature shoes Jordan Westbrook 0, by virtue of its "origin" made a lot of topic, today the network again exposed a new set of photos on foot, designers use leather and leather uppers with lizard build, for creating a very rich texture, pure red with uppers white soles, simple fresh and stylish atmosphere, very accord with its position in the market. It is reported that the shoes have been landed in some shops for sale, like friends may wish to pay attention to it.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Pick of marketing "keyword" "...... to be good with a global focus resources to achieve the greatest benefits for business services with minimal costs ....... " In other industries are seen as the golden Olympic feast, in their opinion sports brand, has become a very difficult step past Kaner. "Olympic Games is likely to be the best opportunity for international giants settle the collective of local brands." Fujian Peak Group vice president and general manager Xu Zhihua anxiously told the "Contemporary manager" told reporters. promise of anxiety seems to have become a local brand of collect jordans on sale mens ive expression. For a long time, Anta, Li Ning and other local sports brand and even the development of the country relies heavily on looking for sports teams and sports celebrity endorsements mode. The auction Olympic sports market exclusive marketing rights, almost to the loss of the right to collective local brands. Olympic "crisis" is just one aspect, the sports brand's collective strategic homogenization for Xu Zhihua, it is a bigger threat. Founded in 1989, it can be regarded as one of China's first Olympic specialized sports brand, the incumbent president Xu Jing Nan Peak Group in Fujian businessman circle and even the "Fujian private brand first person" title. The last century, there has been a long period of time, "South Peak, north Star" in the political arena is sufficient to show the status of Olympic sports brand in China in the equipment business. entering the last century since the late 1990s, where Olympic is known as "the world's shoes are" Jinjiang Anta large number of newcomers rise, Olympic domination in China and the Fujian brand in the field of sports equipment situation instantly broken. Some brands rely on "sports celebrity endorsements + CCTV sports channel advertising" approach quickly opened the market in the country, and even set off a frenzy in the CCTV sports channel large advertise. 2004 peak when, in 2005, in the CCTV sports channel mad Jinjiang sports brand advertising as many as 40, one year more than 100 billion yuan CCTV advertising costs a tenth from here. Although the tactics get together, but it is jordan 3 katrina 2018 undeniable that this simple and crude, but the real way to promote the birth of Anta, Erke so many viewers familiar with the sports apparel brand. However, in this wave, as the forerunner of the Olympic sports equipment was outdated. Even as a remedy, in 2002, Liu Yudong also choose basketball star endorsements, but as a follower of this model, the practice of the Olympic effect is not significant, it was quickly submerged in a lot of second and third tier brands. is to increase investment in fighting extremely expensive advertising resources, or another way to Win, became one of the strategic issues Pick troubled, he has become vice president and general manager Xu Zhihua Pick the biggest problem. Xu Jing Nan has high hopes for his father to assume the task of further development of Xu Zhihua family business after graduating from college in 2000 entered the Peak Group, do not want to enter from the beginning, we had to suffer the Olympic development trough. And the young Xu Zhihua is apparently unwilling to Pick this alienation third tier brands list, therefore, how a new path, make Olympic differentiation to grow and become a problem Xu Zhihua day wrestling. NBA An accidental opportunity in 2004, so Xu Zhihua achievement is now being called the "Olympic model" out of the country, inviting foreign teams and clear endorsement of the new model. It was the spring of 2004, at a Greek agents to pull strings, Pick through a very low price, just for fun style became Greece and Uzbekistan national basketball team sports equipment suppliers. jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black For Olympic purposes, this approach is actually more of a frustration in nature. At this time, Li Ning, Anta and other domestic sports equipment brand enterprises have the main focus on domestic competition for elite athletes and event resources, on the one hand caused sponsorship price tag soared, and secondly, to get together domestic endorsement caused fatigued audience confuse the relationship between a brand and the endorsement of the event or athlete at the time and even become a very common thing, which necessarily serious waste of sports brand advertising and endorsement resources, which means that the sports brand's enormous sums of Light endorsement fees have failed to be implemented, and did not play its due role. domestic sports resources endorsement of chaos just become the Olympic opportunity, because the team is looking for foreign endorsement, Olympic sports equipment soon due to become the provider of alternative and attracted the attention of the audience's eyes. for the first time out of the country, that is the great success. Out of the country, looking for endorsements pattern unique focus events began to take root in the heart Xu Zhihua, has sponsored in the European Basketball All-Star Game, after Stankovic Continental Champions Cup, the Australian national team, in December 2005, the Olympic and The focus of attention on the effectiveness of Yao Ming Houston Rockets - hoping to attract more Chinese people's eyes, this is the first time to find an NBA team sports brand endorsement. After attracted competitors to fo foamposites for cheap llow suit, given the domestic competitions and athlete endorsements before the lesson resources to follow suit, Zhi-Hua Xu realized that to keep the attention of the hot events, this practice of guerrilla warfare or desirable, Olympic sponsorship rocket team, competitors can choose another team sponsor in the NBA, this way, the resources would be difficult to play Pick. At this point, the next goal is to Xu Zhihua: Sponsored NBA-- basketball commercialization of the most successful creator of exclusive marketing resources Dehou the NBA this unique day. "Compared with the Olympics, NBA in China will not focus much worse," Xu Zhihua seems unconscious of one word "Contemporary manager" Reporters surprise. Correspondingly, the Zhi-Hua Xu did not even think to become a partner of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. Of course, this was determined not to let Xu Zhihua Olympic competition partner, or a series of data associated with the NBA, according to Xu Zhihua introduction, carried out a series of events around the NBA marketing activities drive the Group annual sales growth of 80%. However, talks with the NBA is indeed a time-consuming and laborious thing. "On the whole the NBA more than a year, I met with them seven or eight vice president, so that they each understand our pursuit and dreams. We got this trust." Talking about the original experience, Xu Zhihua up to now still endless emotion. Fortunately, after all, hard work pays off, in November 2007, eventually became an official Olympic partner of 2008 NBA basketball caravan. As the NBA's top touring interactive fan activity, which visited 24 cities last year, crossed the 25,000 miles, so that 3.8 million NBA fans personally feel the passion and fanaticism. This Peak, the focus is clearly eye effect can not be underestimated. While Iraq holding NBA resources, although the mouth do not care about the Olympics, but from the heart, and is unlikely to give up the golden Xu Zhihua at the gates of the Olympic Games to be held include Olympic etc., Chinese brand brings Olympic business opportunities. This does not, in the August 10, 2007, the Olympic in Beijing announced the news reached with the Iraqi Olympic team for strategic cooperation. Iraq? And perhaps, like most people, you hear the first impression is that this news surprised. This is located in southwest Asia, the small country in the Arabian Peninsula in the northeast because of ethnic and religious disputes long been under siege in the fire and smoke and are highly concerned about the world, especially after the US invasion of Saddam, the international public opinion for Iraq The concern reached its peak. Today, the news about the reconstruction of Iraq, ethnic conflicts still become a major media headlines of the international version of a guest. It can be said, in the political sphere, Iraq is undoubtedly one of the popular vocabulary. However, in the sports dictionary, it seems difficult to find in Iraq figure. Long war, and even a long time after an absence of Iraq international sports, small scale until 2004 tentative attended the Athens Olympic Games. In the majority opinion, on such an insignificant in international sports, and most likely not get any ranking Iraqi Olympic team at the Olympics, what will give Pick bring? "Yes, Iraq!" Whenever this time, Xu Zhihua reply shows that it does not like the idea. In many it seems, as long as Iraq, its every move in both areas which are likely to become the focus of international media attention, because this is a country of high visibility news of the great war reconstruction . Therefore, no matter what the Iraqi delegation has made achievements, they "And this is the fancy Olympic branding opportunity" appears on the 2008 Olympic Games will cause every international media attention. Hua Xu smiled "Contemporary manager" told reporters, "For a business, how to establish a brand prestige, the development of enterprises is essential. Sponsored Iraqi Olympic team, we consider In addition to fulfilling the Olympic family to show the world China's Olympic Idea, the last point is that, to explain humanistic philosophy through a unique event, and then establish a brand prestige. " However, Zhi-Hua Xu also reminded" Contemporary manager "and reporters, Iraqi potential in sport can not be ignored. Because, at the end of 2007, has always refused to upset the Asian Cup, Iraq beat Australia, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia and other traditional teams, upset win, so that both Asia and the world football lifted. "If the 2008 Olympic Games, the Iraqi football team can achieve good results, I will go there." Xu Zhihua expressed slightly joke. However, it is clear that he saw in Iraq to give lift to bring the Olympic brand value. "all these years, so I feel most is to be able to use the focus of global resources for business services. Pick the first thought of the NBA, the first cooperation with the NBA Rockets, NBA first use of resources, and thus , with minimal cost to get the maximum benefit. "In the opinion Xu Zhihua, Peak event to focus attention will continue. & nbsp; grey is one of the most versatile shoes color, this time Nike SB brought the Blazer's new "cool grey" color, to grant Taylor's signature Blazer low GT shoes is modeled using foil on the very shallow grey suede production, and the leather classic Swoosh logo and metal shoelace holes as a decoration, and as skateboarding version, equipped with the air zoom in the insole, bring better cushioning effect. This shoe is now available at FLATSPOT. (Editor: YOYO)And it is worth mentioning that, not long ago, the mainland version of FGXXSHOOTXX fingercroxx shooting big challenge video is also being released, well-known host Li Chen Nic invited many stars to join the fingercroxx mini basketball shooting challenge, the FGXXSHOOTXX boom passed to the mainland of china. Involved in the video shooting guests include: Houhai sharks, Yang Nianrong, South Korea fire, Wordy DJ, Kong Lingqi, Lin Zijun, Jacky Xue, Zhang Wei, and CBA professional basketball player Chen Shidong, Wang Xiaohui. Video is divided into ten back, now in succession in the major video sites and fingercroxx official micro channel broadcast, please click the following link.