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3.1 billion euros (about 3.8 billion US dollars). ???? August 3, the world's sporting goods giant Adidas - Salomon announced mergers and acquisitions in the industry with the price of US Reebok, intended to change the sporting goods market, the three pillars of the situation, Nike's challenge to US industry dominance. A firm beachhead in the United States of Europe is second only to Nike Reebok ???? America's second-largest sports goods manufacturers, ranked third worldwide, Chinese players Yao Ming and Allen Iverson, big stars are its signing players, Reebok in the United States Native even worldwide has a great influence. If Adidas can succeed acquisition of Reebok, which is bound to help it compete with Nike, the key US market. ???? Adidas rooted in European football and track and field, while Reebok in the rugby shirts, protective gear and other sportswear aspects Kyo, from American football, baseball and basketball are obvious. A company director, said: "This acquisition allows us to operate at all the major sports event in the world Reebok in the US National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) has an extraordinary influence events, and Addy. traditional areas is the World Cup, Olympic and European Champions Cup. "???? While Nike remains the dominant industry position of strength to occupy, but the face of the joint strength of both sides, to compete for more market share newborn company, Nike The challenge will be more intense. ???? American Douglas & middot; Ai Liman real estate company Faith & middot; Hope & middot; hole Solow said: "Adidas - Reebok will launch a more powerful fashion brand, it will get wider support and more celebrity endorsements advertising, contend Nike. When two strong together, they more attractive to attract more sports superstar whom endorsement. separate, limited the scope of activities of both, but Adidas and Reebok combined will become a global brand, with Nike for one of the competition. "???? after the fusion of complementary hegemony ???? Adidas and Reebok merger still retain both the original brand. Adidas chairman and CEO Herbert & middot; Hainer said the two brands exist independently, complement each other, which is able to help both compete with Nike way. ???? Paul & middot; Fireman said: "The two brands were able to increase their value." In the heat wave of popular movement of goods in the 1980s, the current chairman and CEO of Reebok, who led the company once beyond Nike . ?? Adidas and Reebok combined not only in sports, but also involves lifestyle. ???? investors cheered for the merger. Reebok shares on the New York Stock Exchange, rose 29 percent, the price per share of $ 56.74. In Frankfurt, Adidas shares also rose 7 percent to 158.20 euros per share ($ 192.96). ???? acquisitions day, Adidas announced its second-quarter net income was up 30%, sales also improved, with sales of 1.52 billion euros, profit am jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ounted to 67 million euros, a relatively large increase than the same period last year and much higher than market expectations. (Chen Ying) ???? ?? News Background ???? century storm Road ???? Reebok Reebok sporting goods market is one of the oldest brands, the creation has reached more than a century old. ???? 1895, the Reebok founder Joseph & middot; William & middot; Foster began in Britain in the northwest town of Bolton making running shoes, Reebok's history began. ???? 1958, the Foster's descendants the company name "Reebok." ???? 1979, the Reebok crossing the Atlantic to the United States. US first pair of Reebok shoes priced at $ 60, is the most expensive running shoes on the market at that time. ???? 1981, the Reebok sales exceeded $ 1.5 billion, after four years on the New York Stock Exchange. ???? 1982, the Reebok invented the compressed air cushion placed at the heel, air-cushioned shoes was born. Nike in the following years, launched three similar products. Since then, Reebok and create a precedent of celebrity endorsements of products. Basketball star Dee & middot; Brown became the first appear at the Reebok campaign sports stars. Nike again suit. ???? 2001, the Reebok try to produce with an urban culture of "street clothes."Matt Powell analyst market research firm NPD released "2016 American best selling shoes Top10 list from this data we can see classic shell head Superstar surprisingly boarded the championship Although in the top 10 in And Nike's Converse, Jordan Brand won the remaining 9 seats This is also the first Nike but lost the champion in recent 10 years combined with sales last year adidas Nike will force up, afraid of below the top 10 sales list at 10. Nike Kyrie 2 9. Nike Air Force 1 Low 8. Air Jordan XI 7. Nike Free RN 6. Nike Revolution 5. Nike Huarache 4. Nike Roshe Run 3. Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Low 2. Air Jordan XII 1. 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Consistent across the line, NBHD low-key stability style, design inspiration is still drawn, heavy locomotive and military, in the single product is also included in the Porter joint package, and continue to join forces in Disney character list. recently, Nike's skateboard extension Nike SB released the fall of 2011 Zoom Stefan Janoski Low/Mid series of shoes. Before we saw one of the series in dark blue, and the other four colors were released today. The Zoom Stefan Janoski series shoes are composed of suede uppers, and the color is chosen in the usual calm tone of autumn. Like friends can pay attention to.winter away in the spring with the Resurrection time New Balance with its classic special status to the 577 manufacturing tribute to British traditional cricket. This new stage is Test Match series consists of three new models, respectively, as the green version of venues like blue version of spectator and syndrome based on the color of the red leather cricket show version. Interested friends may wish to officially released notice April 1st. new-balance-577-test-match-collection-01.jpg (87.01 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance 577 Test Match Special Edition 2015-2-21 10:19 upload new-balance-577-test-match-collection-02.jpg (95.21 KB, download number: 2) download New Balance 577 Test Match Special Edition 2015-2-21 upload 10:19 new-balance-577-test-match-collection-03.jpg (97.17 KB, download number: 0) download New Balance 577 Test Match Special Edition 2015-2-21 upload 10:19 twenty years, farmers raise from Rex, dare not raise to dare to raise, from contract farming to the market, has made great achievements, great changes have taken place. in the past, farmers in accordance with the contract, the company sold only 1 to 5 jin commercial rabbit. To protect the price of 6 yuan per jin. 5 jin is 30 yuan 1. To the market, the same 5 jin rabbit, can be sold for 35 yuan to 40 yuan in 1, more than the contract price, but also to purchase; if not to buy home, farmers will be slaughtered rabbit, to sell to the market, 1 pieces of untanned skin health rabbit sold 30 yuan to 40 yuan, accounting for weight 50% of the 2.5 Jin rabbit, the average price in 5 yuan per Jin, 1 rabbit also sold 12 yuan, plus 35 yuan Leather Money, goods 1 rabbits were priced at 47 yuan, also realizes the super contract benefit. Why must we rely on the contract? The farmer raises the Rex naturally into the market, this is a great change. The same comparison: pig farmers raise a few pigs, one year, 1 jin net pork price 5 yuan more. Still happy! While raising Rex, half down, gross weight 1 jin 8 yuan, of course, is also happy! can you make a lot of money by raising rabbits? The answer is yes, you can make a lot of money. The method is large in quantity and good in quality. In other words: to scale farming, we must increase the scientific and technological content. Make a lot of money to ensure that, in order to achieve 1 commercial rabbit earn 10 yuan, 10 thousand only earn 100 thousand yuan, the goal is to allow. It should be said that in order to make big money, scale farming, improve the scientific and technological content, is not very difficult. review the past, we aim at the problem of speculation in society, has proposed "good cause to use good ideas to do"". Today, through the realization of Rex commodity market, confirmed that the rabbit is a good career. Using bulk commodity rabbit to create wealth rich, this is a good idea for the development of rabbit. With such a good idea, we can do this good job. Rabbit farmers can really get rich, to the healthy development of rabbit. in the development of rabbit industry, due to the continuous demand for rabbit skin foreign market and domestic distribution business came into being. The flow of business from the rabbit family in the hands of 25 yuan in 1 rabbit skin equivalent, with 40 - 50 yuan for 1 shot, 1 rabbit skin net 15 yuan of above. And so on, 10 thousand to earn 150 thousand yuan, in the market under the stimulation of profit, the flow of business tracks throughout China and the West on both sides of the Changjiang River, not only to earn a lot of money, but also made important contribution for the development of rabbit skin circulation and Rex industry. With the development of Rex Rabbit Fur processing industry, the domestic market is in rapid development. In the past China's only Beijing long fur leather processing company of Rex Rabbit Fur garment. As the processing of high technology content, high prices, all products are exported abroad. 1 rabbit fur clothing more than 1000 dollars, equivalent to RMB more than 10 thousand! The domestic rabbit fur clothing popular, often inaccessible! Today, there are as many as 30 processing factories in China, and the processing cost is low, and the price is 50% lower than that in foreign countries. A rabbit fur clothing to rabbit skin up to 30)Nike Kyrie 2 "red team" uppers of classic red wine to match, in the end is printed on the 3M splash sprinkle paint, and had some Nike Kyrie 2 different is that the "red team" vamp is equipped with a suede material, woven material add a trace of different texture. Kyrie 2NikeTeam Red / platinum - Black 819583-600April 27th 2016$120source: sneakerbardetroitnew coach 1996-97 season, Philadelphia 76ers only made 20 wins and 62 of the negative record, this result let team president Pat. Clos very dissatisfied, shortly after the end of the season, brand, general manager of the team. Grunberg and coach Johnny. Davis was fired. team desperately needs a new manager, Close had wanted to hire the coach of the University of Kentucky, Pitino, he is very confident: " I want to get him, I will get him. " however, Pitino finally chose the Boston Celtics, where he could get more privileges to rebuild the team with a glorious past. So, 76 people have to find another. at this moment, Larry. Brown into the 76 person management line of sight. Brown is not only known for his coaching level, but also known as a wandering coach. In his 25 years of coaching experience, Brown has 8 teams. Brown is very good at rebuilding a team, can quickly improve the team level. The most typical example is the walker. They had not made the playoffs for several years before Brown was in charge of the team in 1993, but in Brown's 4 years later, the 2 had to break into the Eastern Conference finals. Of course, there are two sides, has long served as assistant coach Eddie Brown. Manning said, & quot; he is a good reconstruction, but sometimes too childish temper, if his team did not realize he expected results will hit the ceiling when he. Of course, this is probably a good thing for 76 people, he will kick their ass, but they will play better. ; " in spent a very disappointing season, Iverson also needs a more suitable for their own coach: & quot; we need a coach, he can clearly tell us how to do, can lead us into the fast lane. He'd better be kind, so that we can communicate more easily. Look at my statistics: the league's highest turnovers (337), you know, I was a novice, I still have a long way to go, this is not possible on my own, I need a mentor, Thompson, like the University of the times. ; "In May, Brown Larry became the new commander of the 76 people in Philadelphia. At the beginning of his presidency, Brown has revealed his ambition: " our goal is to champion, not just progress. I hope one day I can say this: 'this is a happy team, I like their style of play, this is my championship team. " at the same time as the manager, Brown has also been appointed as the team's vice president, which means that Brown has an absolute right to the team - including the sale of any player. For example, if Mr Brown thought & quot; high starting point & quot; Jerry Stackhouse did not progress, he will be sold; if & quot; one of the league's most talented 5 & quot; Coleman or repeatedly by a back injury problems, he will be sold 〉 〉