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Air Operated Truck Tire Vulcanzier

Air Operated Truck Tire Vulcanzier

Type: TV-AJD12Q

Air Operated Truck Tire Vulcanzier

This machine is specially designed for truck tires from 8.25-20 ~12.00-20 and 9R-12R. Featured with thermostatic temperature control, signal light, short circuit protection, 180 minutes timer. Seven paltes and a sand bag included. The arm of the machine is rotatable that can be used for tire tread, sidewall and crown. The trolly is equipped with universal wheels.

Technical date:
Aplly to : 8.25-20 ~12.00-20 and 9R-12R
Voltage: 220V
Temperature: 140~150

Timer: 1~180 Min
Power: 550W x 2
Air pressure: 0.6~1.0 Mpa (6~10 kg/cm²)
N.W. / G.W. : 102 kgs / 130 kgs
Packing size: 1380 x 850 x 815 mm

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