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Cobra Tubeless Truck Tyre Demounting Tool

Cobra Tubeless Truck Tyre Demounting Tool

Type: TD-0100C

Tubeless Tyre Demounting / Mounting Tool,  Cobra Type for Wide-Base Tires

Quickly demount nearly any 22.5" and 24.5" tubeless truck tire, up to a 13" wide wheel.
Ergonomic shaped steel handle with no-slip grip for optimum leverage while reducing back injuries. Solid steel  Cobra head is press-fit into the steel handle — no fasteners to loosen or fall out.
Allows demounting of the tire without lifting the entire wheel and tire off the ground — reduces back injuries. Aluminum bead support to grab the top bead of Super Single and Super Wide tires. 2 heavy-duty nylon rollers are easily replaced when worn.
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